Who Am I?

Hello Health Enthusiasts and Welcome to “Maximizing Your Health”!

My name is Greg. Health has become a passion of mine in the last few years after loosing the two most important people in my life to cancer, my parents. I am amazed how my perspective on life changed after loosing my parent.


The loss of my parents turned my life upset but at the same time
helped me realize how important life is to me. It has also helped me realize my passion for wanting to help others live a better quality of life.

Hence, this site…


I remember the day, like it was just yesterday, in July 2010, while
my daughter and I were on our way home from a few days vacation I
received a call from my mom telling me my dad was taking to emergency
due to his breathing. I didn’t think much of it at the time because my
father often struggled with his breathing due to asthma.

This time turned out different!

This time turned out to be more serious as he was admitted and days later still in the hospital.  It didn’t take me long this time to realize this time there is a bigger issue than just his breathing. I can remember nightly after leaving my father’s bedside while heading home and thinking, “at least I haven’t heard the “C” word”.

A few weeks later the day comes which I feared, my mom calls me to
inform me dad has pancreatic cancer. I was absolutely devastating to
think within months I might have to say “goodbye” to my dad. In the months to
come I watched my dad’s health quickly deteriorate, and 8 months later the horrible task of saying “goodbye”.

This point on my life changed for good!

The first change that happened was I started to constantly question
my health. I guess you could say I started to become a bit of a
hypochondriac. This did start to improve as the next few years passed
but still today I have my challenges.

In August 2014 my mother informed me she had some not so nice news
but absolutely refused to tell me what it was. At the time my mind never
even consider Cancer but in the Fall of 2015 it was suggested by my
mother’s doctor she tells her kids she has Lung Cancer because the tumor
was growing rapidly. In the Spring of 2016 I had the unfortunate task
of now saying “goodbye” to my mother.

After my dad passed away I started spending endless hours researching
online different health related topics, especially those related to
cancer. I strongly believed in the world today there must be better ways
to handle many of the different diseases including cancer. While I know
we can’t believe everything we read online, it is amazing the things I
have discovered.

Hence, my next topic of discussion,




The loss of both of my parents helped me realize how importance of life. It is a big part of why I have developed a real passion for wanting to help others enjoy a better quality of life.

My research online has opened my eyes to the many “natural” and healthier options available
to help improve our quality of life. An area of health which has become a
passion of my is ‘holistic nutrition’. My interest in holistic
nutrition has helped educate me the affect stress, lifestyle and diet
has on so many aspects of our life. .

Just recently I have started to learn the power of our mind.  It has amazed me to find out our mind is capable of
controlling much of our chronic pain and along with the success of our
future. I am very fortunate to have come across a “Mind/Body” program,
and an app where I am learning how to take control on my chronic pain.

To learn more about this topic please check out my ‘page’, Is My Pain Real or is it all in My Head?

Do you suffer with chronic pain or know someone that suffers with
chronic pain? Would you like more information about either the
“Mind/Body program or app? Please don’t hesitate to leave me a message


I have created this site to help influence people in a better quality of life and offer a possible opportunity at “Financial Freedom”



I would like to start by saying I am just a normal guy that has gone through many life experiences. I am creating this site to learn while helping to provide information to those interested in reading. I am no a health professional but definitely someone that spends his share of time researching health topics.

My goal is to be as real as possible and at times this might include some sentence structure mistakes.

I am also using this my site to help support two business I am currently involved in:

  • My Affiliate Marketing Business
  • A Home Based Business (Max International Products)

Max International is my home based business which offers amazing scientifically proven products that are helping to provide a better quality of life to people in many different countries. I will definitely get more into these products and company in a later posting.

If you’d like more information about the opportunities available with Max International then please feel free to leave me a message.

Your comments, suggestions or even questions are definitely not only welcomed, but also encouraged, so please do not hesitate to leave me a message.

Thank you for your time,