Is My Pain Real or Is it All in My Head?


On this page I would like to share a bit my pain history and recent discovery that is changing my life. I will offer a couple of amazing options further down that could help change your life. Both options are free to get started, but one will cost you a few monthly dollars once you’ve progressed.

The one thing I can say, these options can provide amazing results!

Again, I would like to remind you I am not a health professional. I am an everyday person that has something which I would like to share, that I believe could help you.




The very simple answer to this question is, yes my pain is real and so is yours.

Please remember, I am an everyday person interested in educating others help learning what others have to offer me. I spend plenty of my free time online learning more natural and healthy ways to deal with a variety of health related challenges.

In my next topic I would like to share some of my story about my dealings with my pain.



Physical pain is extremely common in the average person. As like myself, so many people all over the world suffer
with some form of (so called) physical pain.

I have struggled for years with pain in many areas of my body including sciatica nerve issues. Until the last couple of years I was still able for the most part go about my daily activities. I would have the occasional “flair up” of sciatica problems which would create severe right shin pain. During these times I was restricted to the length of time I could stand or walk.

To get some temporary relief I would see a chiropractor or physiotherapist which enabled me the ability to enjoy my life.

Then the day came…

This time around my pain was so severe I needed a cane or an office chair just to assist me around my apartment. One activity I enjoyed was going for long walks but unfortunately this became a real struggle for me.



One of my biggest challenges was going to be, how am I going to deal with this challenge this time around since due to my employment situation I didn’t have any health coverage. My other challenge was, my mother was dying of cancer and I needed to be with her as much as possible.

My physiotherapist offered me an online suggestion which started to provide me with some relief. This suggestion enabled me to get out. Over the next couple of years I managed to find some online solutions which brought me further relief.

In the spring of 2018 I came across an online home based business which I believed was going to be my answer. After a couple of months of taking my product I found myself able to walk a couple of hours  or more with little to no pain. I believed my solution! In September 2018 I ran out of my product for a few days and within a few days my pain started to return.

I purchase more of my product  and received it in time to take starting in October 2018. My pain started to subside again.

As I progressed through November 2018 without the use of my product, I found myself still able to walk several hours at a time. It is now almost December 2018 and I am still able to walk several hours at a time with little to no pain.


What was my solution???


I look back over the years and wish I discovered this years ago.



A couple of things I have learned about pain. In most cases there are two types of pain:

  • Acute pain – Pain which lasts less than 3 months
  • Chronic pain – Pain which lasts beyond 3 months                                     

Again, as I have shared already, my pain was real. What I have really learned though is in many chronic pain cases the pain is caused by our mind. As I looked back in my life I could understand how this might be possible but I still found it challenging for years to believe my pain wasn’t physical.

How could it not when health professionals are telling me my pain issues are related to my back? I actually had one health professional a few years ago take a look at an x-ray of mine and tell me I might need surgery eventually.

Recently the day came which has changed my life when I started to believe the cause of my pain was truly mental.

Some symptoms which I dealt with…


Before I get to my suggestions I would like to share a few of the symptoms I suffered with to hopefully help people related to their pain.

I have at least one degenerative disc in my neck. At the time I thought I was ‘doomed for life’. Plus I suffer with degenerative discs in my back along with herniated disc and bulging disc. I was educated to believe these conditions were causing my pain! The fact I have done a lot of sitting over the last few years has resulted to very tight lower back, hip and upper leg area muscles.

What I learned is most people suffer with these similar conditions because they’re all part of aging. The real question is, why is not everyone that suffers with these symptoms not suffering with pain also? This is really where the Mind/Body really starts to play into the solution.

What started me on the route to changing my life?


The solution for me starting in the spring 2018 when I came information online about a Dr. John Sarno. He spent many years of research on pain related to mind/body and his discoveries are amazing. He started to make the connection between the Mind and the Body in relation to chronic pain.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. John Sarno then I suggest you check out some of his online videos or books. He discovered what he called, TMS or Tension Myositis Syndrome.

Recently I discovered a gentleman online by the name of Alan Gordon after watching one of Dr. John Sarno’s video’s. He has an amazing “21 Day Pain Recovery Program” which I strongly recommend to anyone dealing with chronic pain.

This program has helped me discover a lot more about myself beyond just the possible causes of my pain. It is Alan Gordon’s program that has started me on my amazing journey. I am extremely grateful to Alan Gordon and his team for putting this program together.

Alan Gordon’s Pain Recovery Program (TMS)

I must add, Alan Gordon’s Pain Recovery Program is completely free.

Finally, the final piece of the puzzle was an app I came across which again is providing me amazing support in my journey.

Pathways Pain app (Science-Based Chronic Pain Relief)

This app offers amazing support and material to help you deal with your pain and life situations. This is free to get started.

I would recommend to anyone dealing with pain to check out both of these options. This will help to discover there your pain is real.



I welcome all feedback on any information I might provide. As previously mentioned, I am here to help but also here to learn.

Please do leave me a message in my comments section if you do decide to give either option a try. I would love to hear about your success story.

Thank you for reading my page “Is My Pain Real”.