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This is an introductory post to what I hope to be followed by several FREE Online Nutrition Courses.

My intent is to keep this fairly simple and short.


The question I am asking, do you understand how important nutrition is to your health?

By now most of us are aware that nutrition is a key to our weight but proper nutrition goes way beyond weight.

When I look at nutrition and our body I like to compared to a car. If you take care of your car and provide it with the proper fuel and components, then it is more likely to not just survive but also run much healthier.

Nutrition is the same to our body, the better quality of fuel we provide to our body, the better our body will run and we have a better chance to live longer.

There are far more important reasons for proper nutrition which I will touch basis on next.



What are some key benefits of proper nutrition?

While it has already been mentioned that proper nutrition can help maintain a healthy weight it can also provide the following benefits to our health and body:

1) Good nutrition can help maintain or even help reduce inflammation.

2) Help reduce your risk of heart diseases by eating healthy nutrition meals.

3) Part of proper nutrition is also living a healthy lifestyle.

4) Proper nutrition has been proven very good for our mental health.

5) A key component to strong bones and teeth is good nutrition.

6) Help keep your energy levels high with good nutrition.

7) Of course, if you fuel your body with good nutrition you’re also providing your brain with great fuel.

These are just a few key benefits of proper nutrition.

There is one final key benefit that proper nutrition has proven to be extremely beneficial to our health and that is …



How does nutrition benefit our health and ability to either avoid or fight off cancer?

To put it simply, if you’ve ever heard or read the statement,”we are what we eat”, that is very true.

What we put into our body is going to very much reflect on our health. We are far better off when doing our grocery shopping to buy fresh healthy and whole foods, then boxed or canned food. Those people that really eat healthy will usually avoid most of the inside aisles in a grocery store and shop on the outer aisles.


Of course, because the inner aisles contained all the prepackaged food.

More and more it is being proven that we can actually fight cancer with nutrition versus the traditional chemo, radiation and surgery.

Some nutritional suggestions for avoiding or fighting cancer:

  • There is more and more consistent data providing strong evidence that diets rich in fruit and vegetables can lower the risk of cancer.
  • There are a studies which found, a diet rich in vegetables and grains slashed colon cancer by 40%.
  • Another study found that woman who ate very little vegetables had a 25% change more of breast cancer than those who consumed more produce.
  • There has been at least 200 epidemiologic studies from around the world have found a connection between plant-rich diet and lower risks of many types of tumors.
  • Processed foods, red meat and salt-preserved foods can increase your risk of cancer.
  • Food high in fiber are capable of lowering your risk of cancer.

These are just a few suggestions in regard to nutrition and cancer.

Are you interested in learning further value of nutrition towards your health?

Below I will be providing a list of FREE online Health and Nutrition courses. Please feel free to check them out.



The Health Science Academy – FREE Starter Nutrition Course – Valued at $95

  • What’s your Weight Gain Probability Score?
  • Five a day… or 10?
  • How can you be sure of food labels?
  • What are superfoods?
  • Jamie Oliver’s inspirational TED talk
  • Includes email support plus a FREE surprise bonus

Completely Free!

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2. Alison Free Nutrition Courses (10 Certificate Courses)

Consume these courses and you will learn about the science of food, macro nutrient metabolism and the important role nutrition and diet play in maintaining health.

With these free online nutrition courses, learn about the roles macro nutrients (proteins, lipids and carbohydrates) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals) play in maintaining health.

Use this link to Alison Certificate courses and check out the list of courses available.


3. Alison Diploma in Human Nutrition -Totally Free

Learn more about human nutrition and health.

Use this link to Alison Diploma in Human Nutrition to see what is offered.


4. Open Learn – The Science of Nutrition and Healthy Eating

Are we really what we eat? How do we know what is in our food? Does it need to be difficult to follow a healthy eating pattern?

This free course, The science of nutrition and healthy eating, will help you to answer these questions.


After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • demonstrate and understand how food is processed and then used in the body
  • apply knowledge to understand healthy eating advice and identify how it varies in different countries
  • make sense of food labels and perform basic calculations of energy in food
  • describe and know about food allergies and intolerances
  • describe and understand possible reasons for the current obesity epidemic.

Use this link to Open Learn The Science of Nutrition and Healthy Eating to explore more about this course.



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